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What do you need to pay attention to shaving putty

Release time: 2021-9-16 9:15:02 Views: 1029

1. Basic treatment

Generally speaking, the base of the building wall is poor, and the dust and sand should be cleaned before scraping the putty to prevent uneven and bubbles after scraping the putty, affecting the later construction effect and beauty。

2, basic repair

After cleaning, some concave and convex parts should be filled, and horizontal and vertical scraping。When brushing twice, if the concentration is 10%, only brush once。

3. Apply adhesive

Spray glue before scraping putty, spray glue evenly, do not leak。Putty scraping: If you use a steel scraper, the scraper must be kept clean and there must be no floating putty to prevent sand and other debris from affecting the quality。

4. Repair and polish

After scraping for the first time, repair the areas that need to be repaired, and inspect them after repair。If the problem persists, please fix it again。When the putty is dry, sand it down and clean it up。

5, putty live

The putty can be carried out after two times, and the putty can be carried out after the second time is dry。At the same time, the surface is required to be smooth and the texture is uniform。If the color is uneven, it will also affect the beauty。

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