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Congratulations to our company won the provincial "specialized special new" enterprise honorary title

Post time: 2022-6-24 11:15:24 Views: 1004

  Recently, Shandong Xiner Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. in May won the title of Linyi City level "specialized special new" enterprise, in June and won the honorary title of Shandong Province "specialized special new" enterprise。


  "Specialized and special" small and medium-sized enterprises refers to the characteristics of "specialization, refinement, peculiarity and novelty", that is, focusing on market segments, strong innovation ability, high market share, mastering key core technologies, excellent quality and efficiency, technical exclusivity, and high-quality enterprises whose products have professional development advantages in market segments。"Specialized and special new" is an honorary award specially set up by the state to encourage the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises that can be shortlisted and get this title have strong technological innovation strength, are the leaders in the market, and are benchmarking enterprises that master key core technologies in the industry。

  Winning this honor is an affirmation of our company's innovation and development achievements, marking the company's innovation and development to a higher level。



  Shandong Xiner Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. will strictly comply with the deployment requirements of the country, do not forget the original intention, constantly improve the innovation ability, enhance the core competitiveness, and actively achieve the "specialized and special new" industry work, promote the innovative development path of enterprises, comprehensively improve the level of enterprise science and technology, and achieve high-quality development。

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